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Trever grew up in Boise, ID, where he spent the weekends hanging out at the Boise airport watching planes arrive and depart. These visits to the airport only compounded his passion and love for aviation. Trever eventually made his way to Salt Lake City, where he attended and ultimately graduated from Utah Valley University with his B.S. in Aviation Administration.

During his attendance, Trever also earned his Private Pilot Cert, and Instrument rating. With a pilot’s cert, and a new college degree hanging on the wall, he made a career shift and left the banking industry to pursue his passion. Trever started a career at ForeFlight in 2015 and currently leads the Global Sales Operations at ForeFlight for business aviation. 

Trever has owned a Mooney M20C, which was sold in 2019. He recently purchased a Bonanza V35 that he operates today. He continues to share his love for aviation through teaching. Trever is a CFI and CFII for both land and sea airplanes. He brings a wealth of industry knowledge, a safety focus culture, and a calm demeanor to the cockpit.


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