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…where you can be part of a flight school club, a squadron of aviation enthusiasts, or a global community of aviation artists. A place where you and a group of aviators can come together and bond over your shared passion for flying. An environment that fosters daily communication and facilitates frequent education.


creating world-class pilots


The importance of proactive learning and hands-on experience


fostering a strong sense of responsibility and decision-making skills.


to enable students to soar as skilled and capable pilots

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Pilot Shortage

The United States is currently facing a significant pilot shortage, presenting a critical challenge for the aviation industry. This shortage has emerged as a complex issue, driven by a combination of factors, and it poses far-reaching implications for the future of air transportation. One of the primary factors contributing to the pilot shortage is the surge in demand for air travel. With the steady growth of the economy and an increasing population, the demand for commercial air transportation has soared. As airlines expand their fleets and open new routes, the need for qualified pilots has intensified.
Furthermore, the aging pilot workforce has added to the challenge. Many experienced pilots from the baby boomer generation are reaching retirement age, leaving a substantial gap that is difficult to fill with newly trained aviators. The industry faces the dilemma of simultaneously training new pilots while attempting to retain experienced ones.

Levi Lebarron - Aspiring Instructor

Levi LeBaron is an enthusiastic and dedicated student pilot, currently pursuing his dream of becoming a certified pilot at Venture West Aviation. With an unwavering passion for aviation, Levi’s journey to the skies has been marked by determination, hard work, and a thirst for knowledge.

Levi’s journey as a student pilot has been a testament to his unwavering dedication and adaptability. He has demonstrated exceptional proficiency in flight maneuvers, including takeoffs, landings, and flight pattern procedures. With each flight, Levi hones his decision-making skills, ensuring safety remains his top priority at all times.

Carly Orr - Aspiring Instructor

Carly Orr is an accomplished and empowering instructor pilot, playing a pivotal role in shaping the future of aviation at Venture West Aviation. With an unwavering passion for flight and a commitment to excellence, Carly’s journey in aviation has been marked by a dedication to safety, a love for teaching, and a desire to ignite the same spark of wonder in her students that first drew her to the skies.
As an instructor pilot, Carly brings a perfect blend of technical expertise and compassionate mentorship to her students. She fosters a nurturing learning environment, where her students feel encouraged to ask questions, make mistakes, and grow into confident aviators. Carly’s teaching style emphasizes not only the technical aspects of flying but also the importance of aeronautical decision-making, situational awareness, and a safety-first mindset.
Carly’s dedication extends beyond the classroom, as she strives to make a lasting impact on her students’ lives and careers. She believes that being a pilot is more than just flying an aircraft; it is about embracing a lifestyle of discipline, responsibility, and constant growth.

Tysen Trujillo - Aspiring Student

Tysen Trujillo is an ambitious and determined student pilot, currently on an exciting journey to achieve his dream of becoming a commercial pilot at Venture West Aviation. With a deep passion for aviation and an unyielding drive for excellence, Tysen’s pursuit of his aviation career is characterized by perseverance, enthusiasm, and a thirst for knowledge.
As a student pilot at Venture West Aviation, Tysen’s dedication to learning and his eagerness to take on new challenges have been instrumental in his progress. He eagerly immerses himself in ground school lessons, flight simulations, and practical flying experiences, constantly honing his skills under the guidance of experienced flight instructors.


Pilot Lifestyle

The pilot lifestyle provides unparalleled opportunities for exploration and travel, offering pilots the chance to experience diverse destinations and cultures. It nurtures valuable skills like problem-solving and decision-making while delivering a sense of freedom and independence through each flight. Pilots also benefit from flexible schedules, allowing for a balanced personal life alongside their exhilarating journeys through the skies.
Beyond the thrill of flying, the pilot lifestyle fosters a strong sense of camaraderie among aviation professionals. It creates a global network of like-minded individuals, building lasting friendships and connections. Additionally, competitive salaries and benefits reflect the significance of their role in connecting people and driving global trade, making it a fulfilling and gratifying career choice.

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